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Bold, yet delicate, modern & minimalistic

Crafted for:

Artists which wants to present their creative side without any distractions

Feels like… getting a package in the mail you forgot you ordered.

No code needed

Easy to use & stress-free. Built on WordPress, inside od Elementor the drag-and-drop platform of your dreams.

Make it your own


Completely customizable to fit your brand, business, and industry. You can personalize every detail!

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Access the Elementor academy for easy to follow videos and lifetime 1:1 support from their experts.

What’s Included?

A fully-customizable, drag-and-drop WordPress website design template.
*Subscription purchased separately.

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Confidence in your professionally-designed website (finally!) and peace of mind knowing you’ve got a strategic site on your side.

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Website templates designed to…

do the work for you!

How It Works

No coding or eye for design required.


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Pick the pro-designed template that floats your boat & check out. You’ll receive an email with an instant download link! 

Add Your touch

Customize as much (or as little) as you want. It’s seriously easy. Just drag, drop & click away. It might even be *gasp* … fun!

Publish & celebrate

Customize as much (or as little) as you want. It’s seriously easy. Just drag, drop & click away. It might even be *gasp* … fun!

There are so many reasons to

Customize to fit any artistic industry

Strategically designed to convert

Completely customizable, waiting for your flare

Easily edit desktop & mobile side-by-side

love it

Seamlessly integrates with your WordPress blog

Easy-to-add and edit SEO settings

Sell your products with E-commerce integration

A simple, easy to follow training course on how to use the platform is included with your Elementor page

Your dream website is ready for you.

Start customizing in seconds.

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With the Drag and Drop Interface, it’s easier than ever to edit existing designs or create your own from scratch. You can also add One Click Import, which allows you to quickly import existing designs from popular websites like Adobe Illustrator and InDesign.

Yes, these templates can only be used on the Elementor platform. It’s the best one there is anyway! Click here to choose your subscription.

Absolutely YES!! It´s super easy to connect domain & hosting with WordPress !!! You can also check available hostings direct via Elementor services .

Absolutely YOU can! The colors, change the fonts, input your own branding– the customization possibilities are endless. If you’re loving it as-is, simply upload your own images and begin selling!

Each template comes with a blog page compatible with WordPress. That means you can design your blog page in Elementor,if you would like you can also use hosting provided via Elementor cloud bades – check in here. You’ll still be able to upload, schedule, and publish your blog from the WordPress post editor just like you always have. 

Every page you see in the demo is included! All the images & fonts has been uploaded from pixabay via WordPress or from Canva. All Elementor fonts are free to use!

There are no refunds available for purchases of my Elementor based website templates or website add-ons at this time. If you have questions, feel free to contact me here

You can customize everything!

Customize colors, fonts and logos to your liking, or opt for a theme that you’re familiar with and have confidence in. No matter what, we can make it happen.

Yes it can be just used in Elementor. We have a brilliant range of templates to help your business look its best. No matter if you’re looking for a clothing store, spa or accommodation web design, our website templates have something to suit. All templates are bespoke and individialized so they can all fit your brand perfectly.

Yes !!! This particular template is already connected with Woocomerce . Platform perfect to upload your products & sell via platfrom – you can even iclude your taxes on the site!!! How creazy is that ?

Can not be easier! The Elementor  support team transfers your domain name and migrates your existing blog (if applicable). Check out more details here.

I got you! For design support, email me directly. For technical support, send in Elementor support tickets 24/7. Elementor has great customer service- they’ll get you taken care of in a flash. (Have I mentioned how much I love them??)

No worries ! The images and text are only placeholders. Every template can be customized to compliment the industry you’re in. Just because it was designed with something in mind, doesn’t mean you can’t make it your own! In fact, it’s encouraged!

You don´t need any subscription to use that template. Each element was buld in free version of Elementor however if you need more options on your website you can purchase Elementor pro version .

Launch your site the very next day. 

The website you’ve always wanted is just few steps away.

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