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Hey, I’m Joanna— a web designer based in Madrid, Spain.I’ve got a passion for creating and a knack for problem-solving. I mix a bit of strategy, a little psychology, and a big pinch of artistic design to create a beautiful online home for your business- a home that speaks for you, markets for you, and ultimately works for you.

When I’m not designing (a rare sighting), you may find me exploring a hiking trail, practising yoga , or photographying nature.

If “professional coffee-drinking beach bum” were a viable career option, I’d be first in line. I mean, c’mon. Hippy-ish coffee-drinking, beach-bumming web designer? I can dig it.

To take a journey in art is to follow a path that is never ending; you will never know all there is to know or see and discover all there is out there. You will find yourself 10 years down that path still discovering new things, getting excited and inspired by the most ordinary of things, question the media to which we are exposed, whether it be the design of a C…

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